Wild Space: Transformations

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Wild Space: Transformations

Lives Will Be Transformed Forever...

For the crew of the Independence, nothing has come easy for them since entering Wild Space. Nearly killed in their first encounter and hunted ever since, this weary crew has battled the odds and found a way to survive against a ruthless Empire. But now, just trying to survive is no longer an option. It is time to stand with the fledgling United Resistance and fight.

Captain John Avery has reached the lowest levels of his life. He's alone. He's cornered. He's no longer the stable captain that the crew needs him to be. A part of him believes that his daughter, Kelly Avery, is still alive, yet the chances of her survival are slim. As he wrestles with his emotions, its clear that a change of command is inevitable, but is Commander Michael Reid prepared to take the helm of the ship?

Meanwhile, after learning of the attack on Suhra Qahila, the United Resistance dispatches their newly commissioned battleship, The Sabre of the Resistance, to see what it is the Empire is so intent on hiding from prying eyes. What they learn is terrifying! The Empire has been developing a battleship so large and powerful, that it can wipe out an entire star fleet in a mater of minutes.

But there is still hope.

The ship is under construction and the time to strike is now. The Resistance gathers its forces and prepares to launch a mission of survival. Failure will mean the end of any hope of overthrowing the ruthless order of the Empire. Victory could mean uniting all of Wild Space in a bold push to remove their oppressors once and for all. But in the din of the battle, there are more cards being played and none of them can be seen by the forces of the Resistance or the Empire.

Behind the scenes, a war within the Empire is about to begin.

Fate has brought Captain Miranda Waters face to face with her past. Now she has a choice to make: abandon the cause of the Resistance and pursue her legacy, or turn and flee to fight another day by their side. She has spent years protecting her secret and wielding a master plan to bring the Empire to its knees and now a new tempting offer has fallen in her lap. What will her next move be?

And as John Avery attempts to get the answers he needs to move on, a new revelation rears its head. John is about to learn the truth behind his mission to Wild Space. The mission he was told was never the mission that was intended. And when all the cards are placed on the table, John learns the startling truth...

His coming to Wild Space was not a matter of chance, but the will of someones design. When the truth is all placed before him, he will learn that he was nothing more than a pawn and the master of this chess game is someone he never imagined who has returned from his past.

For the crew of the Independence, change is coming and nobody will get out unscathed.

Nobody remains the same in Wild Space.

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