Production Notes: Wild Space: Reclamation

Wild Space Reclamation is the second book in the Wild Space Series One series written by author Jason M. Brooks

Wild Space: Reclamation continues on after the events of Wild Space: Onslaught. I thought about jumping the series ahead a few weeks, but I didn’t want to lose that survival aspect to the series so soon. So, the crew ends up just days into their plight with nothing to use to repair their ship. That helps set the stage for so much in this second book of the series.

In Reclamation, we get to know the characters a bit more as each one develops in their own way. Let’s take a quick look at the remaining character bios.

WARNING: The production notes are filled with spoilers from this book and others in the series. If you haven’t read the book yet, please read it before going on. You’ve been warned…

Character Profiles

Lieutenant Gretchen Markson: Gretchen is a fireball who doesn’t take crap from anyone. I loved her moments with Captain Avery in the first book. While Gretchen doesn’t factor in as much in the second book, she has an important role to play in this series. Gretchen begins her career as my version of Lieutenant Uhura from the Original Series of Star Trek. She’s the communication officer with superior linguistic skills.

In the Wild Space Universe, I imagine that the world would have only a handful of dominant languages left. In the series, I call them the Big Five. They are; English, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew. Her gift is being able to speak nearly all of them fluently. My belief is that over time, these five languages would begin to meld and the people of the inhabited worlds in Wild Space would speak in new dialects of the known Big Five. Having Gretchen on board to translate any new languages had great value and that was one of the biggest reasons why John wanted her on this mission.

Marvin Kent: Marvin is a civilian contractor who is in charge of the Deep Space Drive program. His business – which he inherited from his parents – is the brains behind the research that developed this engine. The only reason Marvin is sent along on this mission is because Admiral Goodrich demands it. The Admiral has plans for the next generation of the Deep Space Drive engine and Marvin needs to be there to conduct research.

Marvin is blind to the risks of being on a starship. He was clearly expecting an adventure, but he soon gets more than he bargained for. By the end of the first book, he is thrust into a role of leadership. Does he have what it takes? The second book is going to force him to find out.

Lieutenant Grant Gustafson: Grant is the muscle of the Independence. He’s the top security officer and quickly becomes a friend to Commander Reid. He is fearless and highly skilled, which will come in handy as the series continues. Grant is loyal to those he serves. We’ll see his character grow as the series continues.

TRIVIA: One of my favorite Star Trek episodes ever is one from Star Trek: Enterprise titled Azati Prime. In this episode, the Enterprise is slaughtered in space much like the Independence was. Outnumbered with no way of calling in reinforcements, they are truly on their own to figure out a way to survive. I captured that in the first book and I was desperate to at least have fun with it one more time before getting the Independence back up and running.

Chapter by Chapter Breakdown

Chapter 1: The events of Reclamation pick up right after the events of Onslaught and really, this book could be called Onslaught Part 2. We see Captain Avery laboring with the crew to get the ship back into working order. Michael sees the captain doing things he really shouldn’t be doing. As a young first officer, he’s trying to figure out his role on the ship. Does he protest the captain’s decision to put himself in bodily danger or does he keep his mouth shut?

I wanted to establish two important things in this chapter. Number 1 – This isn’t Star Trek. The men and women in this universe struggle with real human emotions at every turn and they don’t always live in harmony. While John and Michael are working well together, there is friction and it will come to a boiling point later on in the series. Number 2 – The struggle to survive isn’t just about fixing the ship, its about fixing the people on the ship. Everyone has been impacted physically and mentally. Hence the title: Reclamation. This book is about the characters fixing their boat and reclaiming the person they once were before the onslaught.

Chapter 2: Because these are short books, I need to keep the action flowing so John makes his way to the bridge where he finds out that a ship is quickly approaching and he and his crew need to figure out a way to prepare the ship for battle in a matter of hours. I also decided it was time to show that not everyone is dealing with their role reversals in good order.

Marvin Kent is having trouble as the chief engineer. Those in the engineering department are not accepting him as Captain Avery had hoped. I added this conflict between Marvin and his subordinates because in my years in the military I can attest to the need for a leader to gain the trust of his men. I felt that for Marvin to be believable, he would need to run through the gauntlet and prove himself to the men and women who have been placed in his charge. Being that he has no military background at all, makes his acceptance that much more hard.

TRIVIA: As I was writing chapter 2, I realized that this was how I could answer the question of “How do you fix a ship with no spare parts?” The answer is, you hijack a towing vessel and steal the parts from that ship. I’ve tried to recall any movie or sci-fi television show that did something similar. I can’t recall watching anything with that sort of plot, so as of this writing, I believe I came up with something original in sci-fi writings. Feel free to comment below if you can think of something that debunks that thought. I have to believe someone did it at some point in time.

Chapter 3: Lieutenant Kelly Avery isn’t equipped to be the Chief Medical Officer on the Independence. In reality, it should probably be one of the nurses, but for whatever reason, I had her appointed to the position. So, how do I make her believable in her new post? I need to give her the tools to do the work.

Enter, the Emergency Holographic Medical Protocol. This is an interactive computer program that can oversee the most delicate surgeries and continue the teaching the Kelly will need in order to keep the crew healthy. I modeled the EHMP after “The Doctor” on Star Trek Voyager. However, I didn’t want him to become a character himself or it would risk taking away Kelly’s role in this series. The EHMP is a program and nothing more.

I also introduced Lieutenant Travis David in this chapter. His role is light but is important as he plays a pivotal role in Sedition. In this chapter, I give Kelly an opportunity to flex her muscles. I don’t like to write damsel in distress. I also don’t want her to be at the same level as Gretchen, but I want her to hold her own. She gets to do that in this chapter.

Chapter 4: It’s time to take a look inside the head of Marvin. He blames himself for not saving those in the engineering station when the ship was being attacked. His lack of military experience and his self-proclaimed failure under pressure, leaves him weak in front of his chargers. I placed him in a room with Commander Reid so he could have a sounding board to help him work through his issues.

Commander Reid is kind of the quiet leader during this period of time for the ship. Captain Avery seems to be on a death wish, the crew is being insubordinate so certain leaders, and now he’s playing therapist to Marvin Kent. I like seeing this role for Commander Reid as it helps set him apart from Captain Avery and also builds credibility to his leadership skills.

Chapter 5: Chapter 2 hinted at Captain Avery’s plans to capture the enemy ship for parts, and this chapter puts those plans into motion. This is also the chapter where Michael asserts himself as Captain Avery’s right hand man and puts his captain in his place. I knew for Commander Reid to become a believable first officer, he was going to need to flex his muscles. The argument between these two men is the point in which this happens.

TRIVIA: The question needs to be asked, “Why not just take the working ship and abandon the broken ship?” The answer: While I don’t disclose it in any of the books, the reason behind saving the Independence is that the Captain still believes he can get the crew and ship, home. With Marvin on board, there is a good chance that the young man can find a way to rebuild the Deep Space Drive – just in case the E.S.S. Freedom cannot come and rescue them. The design of the Independence is the only design that can support the Deep Space Drive technology.

Chapter 6: This is the point where Marvin Kent seals his place as part of the leadership of this crew. As I mentioned earlier, this book is about reclaiming what was lost. The onslaught was a grave violation on the crew of this ship. Each one is dealing with that violation in different ways. Some are rising, some are falling, and others are plotting. In real life, when we deal with tragedy, we all come out of that tragedy as a different person. Chapter 6 continues the theme of reclamation as we see Marvin relate to his men and women and assert himself as their commanding officer.

Chapter 7: Commander Reid leads the assault on the tow ship and they quickly discover that the Empire has a presence on this ship as well. It isn’t the easy hijacking that they had planned for. During these events, I introduce Lieutenant Grant Gustafson, who will become Commander Reid’s personal ally and I also introduce Buckley and Rogers.

Buckley and Rogers seem like insignificant characters at first, but there is more to them. They display some of the changing attitudes of the crew. There is a lack of respect for those in leadership positions and these two display that in their actions. Furthermore, they also show a lust for vengeance, which is secretly boiling beneath the surface of many members of the crew. Neil discovers this first hand.

Chapter 8: Chapter 8 was about making things click into place. The tow ship provides everything they need to repair Independence and the situation was perfect to give them a way to transfer the engine of the tow ship to the Independence. I wanted to make this nice and tidy so people didn’t ask the question that I mentioned in the trivia above.

TRIVIA: Reclamation provides the setup for Sedition, the next book in Wild Space Series One. As I was writing this book, I hadn’t yet dreamed up the idea of the EUSF Intelligence and Security Division. As I introduced Rogers in Chapter 8, I developed his backstory and for the first time, deviated from my initial outlines and created the idea of the ISD.

Chapter 9: Up to this point, I really hadn’t dealt with one major issue of conflict… how should Captain Avery deal with having his daughter on the ship and in harm’s way? At first, this was a safe mission of exploration, but now he is seeing that there is real danger. I included a brief exchange between Kelly and John to help tidy up this unresolved issue.

As this chapter drew to an end, it was time for the Empire to strike again. This time, the crew was ready and Captain Avery had an opportunity to show his skills in commanding a vessel. This is a redemption chapter.

TRIVIA: In this book, I introduced the next in a long line of pilots for the ship. While it isn’t evident to most readers, my helmsmen are the “Red Shirts” of this series.

Chapter 10: Captain Avery sends out a distress message to Star Fleet to let them know that they are alive and needing rescue. From the very beginning, I knew that I would never allow them to be rescued, but I wanted readers to believe that there was some hope for this wounded crew. I also decided to play with the sexual tension between Lieutenant Markson and Captain Avery. The two are professional officers, how will this play out?

I wanted Captain Avery to maintain his integrity, yet I wanted to introduce an element that could cause him to cross the line. Gretchen Markson is that element. I made sure to reestablish that tension in the closing pages of book 2.

Epilogue: Here is the setup for Wild Space: Sedition. I hinted at the ISD through the thoughts of Lieutenant Ryan Thornberg. He is attempting to build a crew to help him overthrow the captain. Thornberg is using the anger inside the crew to gain their loyalty to his cause – though they don’t really realize that he is only using them as pawns to complete his larger objective.

Wild Space: Reclamation, is at its core, a story about the internal struggles of the crew after having to deal with a near death experience. How do they rebuild their lives after such trauma? How do they reclaim the elements of themselves that were lost in all that destruction? These are the questions that are asked at the beginning of the book and we see answered by the end.

Production Notes: Wild Space: Onslaught

What are production notes?

Think of production notes as the “behind the scenes” features found on DVD’s. This is where I go back and talk about the characters and break down each chapter to explain why I write the things I write in my books. I’ll also load these production notes down with insider information into some of the trivial Easter eggs that I hide within my writing.

So, with no further ado, here are the production notes for Wild Space: Onslaught.

WARNING: The production notes are filled with spoilers from this book and others in the series. If you haven’t read the book yet, please read it before going on. You’ve been warned…

Character Profiles:

If you read the reviews from my previous works, you’ll often find people mentioning that my characters seem one dimensional. In some ways they are – but it’s intentional.

I view my characters as being similar to real life. When you first meet someone, you don’t truly know them. You form an opinion based off of that first impression, but that is all you really know about them. As time goes on, you get to know these people and begin to see the many different layers that they have.

That is the way my characters are written. Maybe that’s not a good thing, but that’s how I write. I introduce them very loosely and then develop them over the course of a series. We get to discover their many different layers over time. We also see them change due to major events.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to a few of the characters from the first book.

Captain John Avery: Captain Avery is not like your typical Captain Kirk or Malcolm Reynolds. He is a family man first as displayed by the fact that he left star fleet to take care of his dying wife. He does have a very strong love for being up in the stars, but at what cost? His character is going to evolve quite a bit as the first series continues on. Where it takes him I’m not sure of yet. But imagine having your only child on a ship with you and knowing that she is a heartbeat away from dying because you made a tactical error. That is the premise that will determine his growth as the series continues on.

Commander Michael Reid: Star Trek: Enterprise fans have no doubt already noticed the similarities of the First Officer of my ship and the tactical officer of the original Enterprise NX-01. I loved the Malcolm Reid character in the television series and so loosely, I based Michael Reid off of him. He has inherited the tactical knowledge of Malcolm. He has his level head and grit. He also has a charm about him that will develop as the series goes on. He’s got clear goals of one day being a captain in the fleet but I made sure that his eagerness doesn’t make him overconfident and dangerous. Michael will be a smart balance with the Captain Avery as the series develops.

Lieutenant Kelly Avery: The Captain’s daughter is in for more than she bargained for in this series. Her dad invited her to get her doctrine by serving in the field on his vessel with Dr. Douglass (one of the best surgeons in the fleet.) That training is cut short by his death during the onslaught and now Kelly must figure this all out on her own. The first book doesn’t really allow readers to get to know her, but she is going to be a very brave and powerful character in this series as it moves forward. I know readers are going to love her as we move on.

Commander Neil Hammond: Neil doesn’t live long in this book. When I first drafted the series, he didn’t die. But to crank up the risk, I allowed him to die. Unfortunately, he was one of my favorite characters to write. I kind of had something going with him as I put him on paper, but I had made my decision already. Someone needed to die to set the premise that Wild Space was indeed dangerous. I chose poor Commander Hammond to be that red shirt. And I miss him so much.

He’s off the cuff. He’s not your typical officer. He speaks raw and he thinks dynamic. He’s a genius kid trapped in a young man’s body. He’s cocky but can back it up with his actions. I would have loved to see what he would have become over time, but alas – we’ll never know.

Chapter by Chapter Breakdown

The first book in the series introduces us to all of the characters and sets us on the road to what Wild Space will be all about. In truth, the first series will be about the evolution of these characters over time. This book is an introduction to everyone and puts them in their dire situation.

As I look back on Onslaught, my biggest regret is not bringing this book to a more complete conclusion. It felt rushed. I kind of stopped it abruptly and I wish I hadn’t. I think just bringing it all to an end the way I did probably left readers feeling a bit cheated and I’m sorry about doing that.

This first book was inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise – Azati Prime. In this episode the Enterprise is attacked and is nearly destroyed. The crew is helpless to fight off the onslaught. As the only star ship of its kind, nobody is coming to its rescue. It’s that sort of hopelessness that I wanted to capture in Wild Space: Onslaught.

CHAPTER 1: Because this was my first short story, I knew I needed to get right to the point. I couldn’t do set up work right away. Instead I did the setup though flashbacks. For this chapter we meet Captain Avery and we see that there is nothing he can do to stop the oncoming destruction. I wanted to create a sense of hopelessness. I wanted readers to feel that there was no way out of this disaster. When John is knocked out at the end of the chapter, I wanted to leave readers wondering if the flashbacks were the last visions he saw before death or something else.

CHAPTER 2: We fall back 9 months earlier. Captain Avery is just returning from a simple mission. We learn a bit about his backstory and then introduce Ensign Markson as well. She is a character that I will go more in depth with in future production notes because she is someone who is going to be pivotal in Captain John Avery’s growth.

I also introduce Admiral Goodrich to the scene. The Admiral is the last relic from John’s past and helps me connect John with his families legacy – his father’s legacy to be exact. John learns that he will be the captain of the newest ship to bear the name Independence. His father happened to command the last Independence and went down with his vessel.

Finally we meet Marvin Kent. Marvin comes from a rich family. His mother and father had worked together to build their fortune supplying weapons, ships, and equipment to other planets. Kent is a chip off the old block. His Deep Space Drive engine is what drives the Independence and makes it possible to travel to Wild Space in 6 months instead of 20 years.

TRIVIA: In case you missed it, each chapter that contains a flashback that ends with some sort of statement that signifies that the characters are excited about the future. I then open the next chapter with them being in grave peril. Isn’t that the way life can sometimes be? We have visions of grandeur and we get the dirty end of the lollipop instead?

CHAPTER 3: Marvin is a civilian contractor. He’s a genius but by no means a Star Fleet officer. Marvin is put into a life or death situation. He has the heart to want to save people but he doesn’t have the courage. Now this isn’t a statement against civilian heroes – there are many heroes in the civilian world. This is a statement that not all of us are cut out to be one.

It takes a special kind of hero to be willing to override that instinct to survive and instead rush into danger. Marvin tries to override that instinct but he sees a lost cause and makes the decision to survive. This single event will scar Marvin for life. He didn’t sign on to make life and death decisions. He signed on to see his baby completed and then study what he has done and improve upon it with the next model. Instead, he watches in horror as people die because of his decision. We’ll see how he deals with that in the coming books.

CHAPTER 4: Now we meet the Captain’s daughter. Kelly is taking after her mother and becoming a doctor. We learn more about John’s background through this one on one with his daughter. We learn that he puts family above all else. He left Star Fleet to go home and take care of his ailing wife. Once she passes away, he stays home and gets Kelly off to college before finally rejoining Star Fleet.

I wanted to take this moment and show what family means to John Avery. We have so many captains depicted in science fiction but rarely do we see how they interact with family. Often they have unhealthy relationships with their children. Kirk’s son never knew him until Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. Picard regrets never having a family as we see during his time in the Nexus in Star Trek Generations.

With Captain John Avery, I wanted a man who was very much a family man and yet balanced his career with family obligations. He even sacrificed his career to be with family when they needed him most. That is important to me. I wanted John to be a very honorable man and I think his commitment to being a father and a husband is important. That is the real message I am trying to convey in this chapter.

TRIVIA: When I first outlined this series, Kelly was actually going to be a love interest for Captain Avery. Instead, I came up with the crazy idea of having his daughter join him on this mission.

CHAPTER 5: And now we see Kelly’s world shattered. This was supposed to be an educational voyage for her and instead she becomes the new chief surgeon in a matter of minutes. Kelly is going to go through the School of Hard Knocks as she learns to become a doctor.

Though if you’ve read Reclamation, you’ll learn that she still has some help in the form of the Emergency Holographic Medical Procedure program. Realistically I can’t have her be a Chief Medical Officer with only a college education. There’s no way anyone could do this job with that little of an education. We’ll get to talk about that in my production notes for Reclamation.

TRIVIA: For those who have read Reclamation and Sedition, yes, the unnamed man at the end of Chapter 5 is indeed Lieutenant Travis David.

CHAPTER 6: So here we meet Neil Hammond. As I outlined the series, I always intended for him to die so Marvin could be elevated to Chief Engineer. I felt I needed a character to perish in the onslaught if I was going to ratchet up the tension and make people worry about characters they may have already started to enjoy. Therefore, I picked Neil to die because as you are all figuring out as you’ve read along in the series, there’s more to the mission of Independence than was once thought.

Unfortunately, as I wrote Neil Hammond, I fell in love with his swagger. I liked the rhythm of his speech and the words he used. He’s loose and cool. He kind of became Trip Tucker from Star Trek: Enterprise (so maybe it’s best I did kill him off so I don’t get sued by Paramount).

I especially loved Neil’s line of: “I could Jerry rig the snot out of that thing if I had too.” He says that in an interview. I loved it!

CHAPTER 7: Now we come to Neil’s death scene. We see his courage under fire. He’s calm and collective and he’s the complete opposite of Marvin.  In Reclamation, people don’t see the leader in Marvin that they saw in Hammond. People know when they have a true leader before them and a fake. We see what a real leader Hammond was in this scene. While Marvin does all he can to survive, Neil walks into the face of danger and rescues everyone he can. And when all the chips are down, he sacrifices his life for the good of the many.

Would Marvin had done that? I’m thinking no.

TRIVIA: Because I fell in love with Neil Hammond, I considered introducing a different character to kill off. I nearly created a wife for him with the intention of having her die in his place, but in the end, I didn’t think it had the same shock value. Plus, if I would have killed off his wife, Neil would have changed and I doubt it would have been for the better. Alas, Neil Hammond had to die.

CHAPTER 8: Gretchen Markson is another interesting character to me. As I wrote out my outline for the series, I imagined her to be older and a love interest for Captain Avery. At one point I was going to have a love triangle develop between John, my original version of Kelly, and Gretchen. Then I made the decision to have Kelly be his daughter and I made Gretchen younger.

I wanted to put a little tension between her and Captain Avery and so Gretchen does appear to be flirting with John and John feels some sort of attraction to her. I begin to develop this relationship in Onslaught, advance it along in Reclamation and then bring it to a head in Sedition.

I also introduced a second character in this chapter. It’s time to meet Lieutenant Michael Reid. Michael has a dream of commanding his own star ship and so he desires to be the First Officer on Independence. John has already chosen a First Officer so he has to convince Michael that he needs to take the opportunity before him.

CHAPTER 9: Due to the planned length of the book, chapter nine begins to pull everything together. It begins just after the power goes out. We get to see Lieutenant Reid in action as he works in a darkened room to rescue a knocked out captain and figure out what is still serviceable on the ship.

This is the first chapter in this book where two characters who are introduced in flashback scenes, work together during the onslaught. Here we bring Michael and Gretchen together to work towards stabilizing the ship. Soon after, Captain Avery comes through and now three of the main characters are working together. I did all of this intentionally as I wanted all of the characters to seem independent of one another to begin. Now in Chapter 9, the realization of their situation will force them to begin joining together as one team to survive.

TRIVIA: Originally Michael Reid was the Commander of Independence. At the last minute, I changed it up and created Commander Madsen. I wanted to create the irony we all experience in the world. Sometimes we desire something for ourselves and we seek it but it doesn’t work out as we planned. Instead, fate steps in and we get what we want but through events not of our own making. I’ve always found that is often how God works in our lives. It’s what happened in this turn of events. Reid is a commander but not by his doing. He gave up his ambition to be a commander and took a lesser role. Now he’s become a commander because of the onslaught.

CHAPTER 10: Up to this point the attack seemed like it came from nowhere. As John and Michael are digging their way through the ship to take inventory of what they still have, we get a quick flashback to the warning John received from Cho Fen on the planet of Jokuu.

He knew of the Imperial aggression in Wild Space but he didn’t take it serious. John will struggle with this issue in Reclamation. And just when he starts to come to grips with this failure, John learns about a secret plot that turns his world upside down in Sedition.

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