The Big Guns of the Empire

Wild Space is a science fiction series written by Jason M. Brooks

As the Launch Week Celebration comes to an end, I’m excited to discuss one of the greatest improvements to the series… the new cover designs featuring Imperial Battleships.

I know this week is all about the launch of Wild Space: Transformations, but it’s hard to ignore the sparkling new covers.

When Wild Space: Onslaught first launched in May of 2016, the cover featured a serene background with a happy little ship just floating along. But for anyone who has read Onslaught, you already know that the cover didn’t even come close to telling the reader what was about to happen in the book. That has long been one of my disappointments.

But now, thanks to the 3D models provided by SolCommand, I am able to present a definitive version of the Independence and I can add images of Imperial Battleships – something I didn’t have the ability to do before.

Wild Space: Onslaught is written by author Jason M. Brooks and is available on Nook, Kindle and all other ereader devices.I always dreamed of the Independence being surrounded and under fire from enemy ships – just as the opening scene of Onslaught, described. Once I modified the 3D model of the Imperial Battleship, I was ready to apply it to the cover and add in some firepower and an explosion to boot! The end results are a stunning contrast to what was featured on the original cover.

I also added Imperial Battleships to the cover of Ghosts and made that cover pop as well. With the new-found ability to enhance the action on the covers of my books, the skies the limit as my covers now have the ability to tell a story to draw in potential readers.

As I get ready to begin work on Wild Space: Series 2, I already have plans to debut more Imperial ships, a new “hero” ship, and a wicked new enemy that will be bringing its own fleet to the party.

So, this has been an exciting week for me with big changes that are setting Wild Space up for a bright future. While Transformations brings to an end the first series of Wild Space, there are many more adventures coming, and at long last, the Imperial Fleet will be right there, chasing them across the stars.

Until next time!