Wild Space: The Complete First Series Box Set

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Wild Space: The Complete First Series is a six book set written by Jason M. Brooks.

Wild Space: The Complete First Season


The Starship Independence was the first of her kind.

Equipped with a Deep Space Drive Engine capable of turning a twenty-year journey into a six month hop across the stars, Earth has a viable way to make contact with the explores who set out and settled the Wild Space Region over three hundred years before.

But upon their arrival, Captain John Avery and his crew learn that not everyone in Wild Space is excited about the prospect of outside visitors coming in to take a look at the societies they have created.

A clash with the ruling Empire of Wild Space leaves the Independence nearly destroyed and their mission of peaceful exploration turns into one of survival. With their Deep Space Drive Engine destroyed, the crew finds themselves stranded with no way to return to the safe haven of Earth and no allies to help protect them from the violent and powerful might of the Imperial Fleet.

There are rules to surviving Wild Space and Captain Avery and his crew must learn them to survive.

With no money to buy parts and supplies, the crew needs to turn to bartering with the few friendlies they can find, running smuggler missions for the few that will give them work, and when all else fails, steal what they need to keep their ship flying.

As the ship and crew discover their capabilities and struggle to adapt to their new mission, they find themselves stumbling into a rebellion and becoming the face of hope in a region that has been oppressed for too long. But this also makes them even more of a target of the Empire as they double their efforts to destroy the Independence once and for all.

Meanwhile, just as the captain and his crew are starting to figure out who the enemy is in Wild Space, a new challenge begins to rise… and it’s coming from within their own ranks.

A secret agenda is revealed and the threat of mutiny becomes real. Captain Avery and the handful of crew members that he trusts, must unravel the mystery that surrounds the real reason they came to Wild Space. Captain Avery discovers a series of clues that lead him to a startling discovery…

The mission of the Independence might not have been one of peace after all.

Now, the entire first series of Wild Space is collected into a six book box set for a great low price! Begin your journey through Wild Space and discover for yourself why readers everywhere are falling in love with this series.

Follow along with the ship and crew as they discover the hard way that…

Nothing Comes Easy in Wild Space.

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