Wild Space: Sedition

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Sedition is the third book in the Wild Space series by Jason M. Brooks. This is part of Wild Space Series 1.

Wild Space: Sedition

Since coming to Wild Space, the crew of the Independence has experienced one disaster after another. With the ship finally moving through the stars, Captain Avery and his crew breathe a sigh of relief. But the feeling isn’t going to last long.

Their next great challenge isn’t coming from the Empire that rules over Wild Space, but instead, from within. Among the rank and file of the Independence, betrayal is brewing. In a sudden turn of events, Captain Avery is locked away in the brig. His ship is taken from him by members of his own crew. And the mutineers have set their sights on the Capital Planet of the Core Worlds. They have a single purpose… to detonate a weapon so powerful, it will leave nothing but stardust behind.

As Captain Avery and his loyal followers seek to regain the ship from the suicidal force that has taken it, he follows a series of clues that lead him to a startling discovery…

The mission of the Independence might not have been one of peace after all.

The adventures of the crew of Independence is about to get even more dire, for nothing ever comes easy in…

Wild Space

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