Wild Space: Reclamation

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Wild Space Reclamation continues the adventures of the crew of the Independence. This series is written by Jason M. Brooks

Wild Space: Reclamation

The Journey to Reclaiming Their Lives, Begins...

The crew of the Independence barely survived their first encounter with the empire that rules Wild Space. Now they must learn to transition from a mission of exploration to a mission of survival.

The crew has suffered many casualties. Many more are suffering from the after effects of walking the thin line between life and death. Now they must find ways to overcome the emotional damage that is ripping crew members apart. On top of that, they must also scrape together parts to get the Independence back online.

But before they can even catch a breath and focus on reclaiming everything they have lost, they discover that an enemy ship is in route. They have hours to prepare. With no engines, no shields, and no weapons, the clock of their impending destruction is ticking.

Wild Space can be an unrelenting place.

AUTHORS NOTE: Wild Space: Reclamation is the second book in the first series of Wild Space.

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