The Journey in Wild Space Continues!

Wild Space: Reclamation is the second book in the first series of Wild Space by author Jason M. Brooks.

Tomorrow morning, book 2 in the first series of Wild Space, goes on sale. I’m excited by this second outing.

The crew of the Earth Star Ship Independence is dead in space.

After surviving an onslaught from the Imperial Star Fleet, the crew has been hard at work trying to get the Independence back online and flying through space. But around every corner, the crew finds more bad news. The Deep Space Drive engine is gone. The Interplanetary Engine is in need of critical parts. Weapon systems are offline and there’s no shielding, leaving the ship defenseless.

As the book opens, Captain Avery and Commander Reid are attempting to get to the parts storage room in a part of the ship that has a breached hull. They must use Zero G maneuvers to try and get to the room and retrieve the parts they need to get the engine fixed.

Meanwhile, the entire crew is still feeling the effects of the onslaught. Lives have been lost. The crew is mourning the loss of friends and family. Fear is running rampant. Insubordination is becoming more prevalent as the crew adjusts to new leadership and having to deal with their own mortality as their situation grows dire.

In most cases, time can heal these types of wounds.

But time is not on their side.

The Empire has dispatched a ship to bring back the remains of Independence. Time is running out to get the ship operational. In a last ditch effort, Captain Avery puts together a daring plan that could get them the parts they need and get Independence operational once more.

But at what cost?

Can Captain Avery justify anymore losses? Can he defend his boat against the merciless Empire? Can he regain the confidence of his crew before it’s too late?

All of these questions are going to be answered in Wild Space: Reclamation Book 2 in Series 1 of Wild Space.

I’m excited for you to read the next adventure of the crew of Independence. This book is going to set up some ideas that are going to be explored in the next stories to be told. If you haven’t started your journey to Wild Space, now’s the time to get on board.

Be sure to look for it tomorrow, June 14th, 2016. This eBook is only available through Amazon’s website for the Kindle reading device. It’s 99 cents or FREE for subscribers to Amazon Prime.

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