Wild Space: Heist

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Wild Space: Heist

Earth isn't coming for them.

The Empire wants them dead.

The crew of the Independence has reached a crossroads.

The Independence comes to their first planet – Izumrud – The Emerald Planet. As the crew disembarks the ship, Captain Avery knows that many of them will probably never return from their ship leave. He honors Admiral Goodrich’s word that everyone is released from their service with EUSF. His hopes are that his crew will return, but he knows in all reality that the vast majority of them are tired of the running. Change is coming and he’s not sure what that will look like. He also knows that the amount of time they can spend on this planet is limited. They've already crossed the Empire and their ship is marked. The longer they stay grounded, the better the chance that the Empire will catch up to them.

John must contemplate what the future of his ship and life will be. They could join the rebellion. They could settle on this planet and just fade away. Or they could join Logov and become a smugglers – or an honest business people.

Meanwhile, Marvin Kent discovers an issue with the fuel system of Independence. The ship is depleting its fuel source at a rapid pace. The ship cannot launch in its current state. While he can repair it, the parts come at a steep cost and they will need more fuel. As Marvin learns, the full weight of the legendary Ghost Ship can only buy so much – and on a planet of Izumrud, only real, tangible currency buys what a man needs.

John turns to Logov for answers to his problem and in turn Logov turns to his brother, Tetlov. Tetlov knows just the way for Independence to get the money it needs to buy the parts and fuel to get back into the stars. And of course, the way to get it is to cross the Empire once again.

Captain Avery comes to a crossroads. With no allegiance to the EUSF, and the Empire searching for them, does he continue to run? Is it time to hang up his space traveling boots forever? Or does he turn to a life of crime in order to keep the ship flying through the stars?

But Captain Avery isn’t the only one with big decisions to make.

Will Kelly decide that her time on the ship is over? Will she stay on Izumrud and attempt to start a new life – and also attempt to get her father to follow her lead?

Will Commander Michael Reid accept an offer to become captain of one of the United Resistance’s newly captured attack cruisers?

Will Lieutenant Gretchen Markson follow him and join the Resistance?

For the crew of the Independence, life is about to change...

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