Wild Space: Ghosts

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Wild Space: Ghosts is the fourth book in Wild Space Series 1 by author Jason M. Brooks.

Wild Space: Ghost

The crew of the Independence has been hunted down. They take refuge in an asteroid belt that provides a temporary safe hiding place. It is here that they discover the secret that Captain Logov was hiding. A small band of rebel freedom fighters have an underground base in the belt. Finally, the crew has found allies in their struggles.

But it doesn’t take long for the Empire to figure out where the Independence is hiding. They close in around the asteroid belt and suddenly there is nowhere to run. If the Empire comes into the belt, the rebel alliance will surely be discovered and destroyed before it can ever grow and unseat the horrific rule of the Empire. This leaves Captain John Avery and his crew only one option…

It’s time to turn themselves in, in order to protect the rebels from certain destruction.

For the crew of the Independence…

There’s no way out.

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