The Big Guns of the Empire

Wild Space is a science fiction series written by Jason M. Brooks

As the Launch Week Celebration comes to an end, I’m excited to discuss one of the greatest improvements to the series… the new cover designs featuring Imperial Battleships.

I know this week is all about the launch of Wild Space: Transformations, but it’s hard to ignore the sparkling new covers.

When Wild Space: Onslaught first launched in May of 2016, the cover featured a serene background with a happy little ship just floating along. But for anyone who has read Onslaught, you already know that the cover didn’t even come close to telling the reader what was about to happen in the book. That has long been one of my disappointments.

But now, thanks to the 3D models provided by SolCommand, I am able to present a definitive version of the Independence and I can add images of Imperial Battleships – something I didn’t have the ability to do before.

Wild Space: Onslaught is written by author Jason M. Brooks and is available on Nook, Kindle and all other ereader devices.I always dreamed of the Independence being surrounded and under fire from enemy ships – just as the opening scene of Onslaught, described. Once I modified the 3D model of the Imperial Battleship, I was ready to apply it to the cover and add in some firepower and an explosion to boot! The end results are a stunning contrast to what was featured on the original cover.

I also added Imperial Battleships to the cover of Ghosts and made that cover pop as well. With the new-found ability to enhance the action on the covers of my books, the skies the limit as my covers now have the ability to tell a story to draw in potential readers.

As I get ready to begin work on Wild Space: Series 2, I already have plans to debut more Imperial ships, a new “hero” ship, and a wicked new enemy that will be bringing its own fleet to the party.

So, this has been an exciting week for me with big changes that are setting Wild Space up for a bright future. While Transformations brings to an end the first series of Wild Space, there are many more adventures coming, and at long last, the Imperial Fleet will be right there, chasing them across the stars.

Until next time!

The Wild Space Series Gets a Fresh Look!

Wild Space Series 1 is written by Jason M. Brooks a self published author.

The Launch Week Celebration Continues!

It’s been an exciting week for me as Wild Space: Transformations launched on Tuesday and has been selling like crazy.

But it’s not just the sales that have been so exhilarating for me. It’s also the new covers that grace the front of all six books in the first series of Wild Space. I spoke about the new ship design in a BLOG POST earlier this week and now I would like to officially announce the new looks of all six titles.

When I first released Wild Space, I purchased an image of a space ship to be used on the covers. However, I was very limited on what I could do with that image. I wanted to have explosive scenes on the covers. I wanted to be able to display a ship with the ability to be as iconic as the Enterprise or Serenity or the Millennium Falcon, but the ship I was using, just didn’t have that potential.

And then I discovered SolCommand, a website made up of hard working designers who give away 3D images of ships to game designers or artists. It was here that I found the designs for not just the Independence, but my Imperial fleet and many other ships that will one day grace the covers of my books.

Granted, I still had to paint the 3D images, but it was well worth the time to learn how to do it. For the first time ever, I have covers on my books that tell a story, and that is what a good cover should do.

The following images are the before and afters of all six books. Take a look at the huge difference:

Wild Space: Onslaught

Wild Space : Onslaught is the first book in Wild Space Series 1 and is written by author Jason M. Brooks.



Wild Space: Onslaught is written by author Jason M. Brooks and is available on Nook, Kindle and all other ereader devices.


Wild Space: Reclamation

Wild Space Reclamation continues the adventures of the crew of the Independence. This series is written by Jason M. Brooks



Wild Space: Reclamation is written by author Jason M. Brooks and is available through Barnes and Noble, iBook, and Kobo.


Wild Space: Sedition


Sedition is the third book in the Wild Space series by Jason M. Brooks. This is part of Wild Space Series 1.


Wild Space Sedition is the third book in Wild Space Series 1 written by Jason M. Brooks


Wild Space: Ghosts


Wild Space: Ghosts is the fourth book in Wild Space Series 1 by author Jason M. Brooks.


Wild Space: Ghosts is written by author Jason M. Brooks and is book 4 in Wild Space Series 1


Wild Space: Heist


Wild Space Heist is a science fiction series by author Jason M. Brooks and is available for Kindle on


Wild Space: Heist is part of Wild Space Series 1 written by Jason M. Brooks and is one of six books in the series.


Wild Space: Transformations


Wild Space: Transformations is written by author Jason M. Brooks who is a self published author who enjoys self publishing.


Wild Space: Transformations is the final book in Wild Space Series 1 written by Jason M. Brooks.


As you can see, the covers have immensely improved! I love the new look and I love the idea that at long last, the Imperial Battle Ships can appear on the cover with the Independence – giving readers a chance to see how stacked against them, the odds of survival really are.

I have more ships cooking up on the burner and they will grace the covers of Wild Space Series 2 and beyond. Watch my blog post as I’ll be sharing those images in the days to come.

If you haven’t already begun your journey through Wild Space, be sure to pick up the first book in the series. Wild Space: Onslaught is FREE for all eReaders. If you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you can pick up the second book for FREE as well. SUBSCRIBE HERE to claim your free copy of Wild Space: Reclamation.

I’ll be wrapping up the Launch Week Celebration with one more post as I look at the long awaited reveal of the Imperial Battle Ships.

See you then!

Wild Space: Transformations Has Launched!

Wild Space: Transformations is the final book in the first series of Wild Space written by Jason M. Brooks

As many of you already know, Wild Space: Transformations has at last, launched. It was a long journey and I thank all my readers for being patient as I put the final touches on the grand finale to the first series of Wild Space.

Many readers have asked me what the deal is with calling this the Series 1 finale.

What Does That Mean?

As I’ve mentioned before, I am writing Wild Space as if it were a television series. Each book is short with the intention of being able to be read in just a few hours – much like a television show. I also decided to break up the series into a set number of books – or episodes. In this case, each series of Wild Space will be comprised of 6 books – or episodes.

Onslaught served as the first book, or in television terms – the series premier episode. Transformations is serving as the series 1 finale, or in television terms – the season finale. Due to the unbelievable response from readers, Wild Space will be back for a second series before the end of the year. In fact, it will probably be back much sooner than I had anticipated.

I never imagined I’d have the amount of success with Wild Space as I have had. Readers are gobbling this series up and it has forced me to put many of my other projects on hold. I do want to finish up two books that I have in process, but I also don’t want to slow the momentum created by the success of Wild Space, so I’m guessing those projects might continue to be on hold while I go back to work in crafting the second series for the hungry readers out there.

I can’t thank you enough for all your enthusiasm. Please, continue to spread the word about this series and I will continue to pump out the books.

Changes Ahead!

As I discussed in my blog post on Monday, Wild Space: Transformations is sporting a new Independence. I had an opportunity to revamp the ship and gain more flexibility in cover design, so I took it. I’m super excited by the new look and I’m already receiving feedback from other readers about the exciting new look.

Transformations is a book about changes in the lives of the crew and in the trajectory of Wild Space. Wild Space isn’t just about the crew of the Independence. While to this point, everything we’ve experienced in this region of space has been through their eyes, the glorious part about this series is, I can introduce new characters and share their adventures. This is something I did with Captain Miranda Waters.

Most readers probably forgot about her after her few appearances early on, but after Transformations, I can guarantee readers are going to want to know more about her. In fact, I have an exclusive short coming out that will bridge the gap between Transformations and Book 1 of Wild Space Series 2. I’m going to make it an exclusive title for subscribers to my monthly eNewsletter. So, if you want access to this short story, titled; Kill Switch, you need to SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER and I will send it to you as soon as its ready to go.

Transformations gave me the opportunity to tie up loose ends for Series 1.

At long last, readers will get some much needed answers to the questions raised in Wild Space: Sedition and I will be tying up some other loose ends. But get ready for some major set ups for the future of the series. Captain Avery and the crew of the Independence have had nothing but one trial after another since arriving in Wild Space, and you better believe that when this book is over, their lives will never be the same. When the final cards are played, you’ll completely understand the title of this book.

It feels good to finally bring Series 1 to an end. Transformations was supposed to be released back in December of 2016, but revisions forced me to push the launch back. At long last, I am getting a chance to reveal the secrets that have been hidden from readers and now I get to set up the future of the series. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed telling the tale.

As the Launch Week Celebration continues, I will be blogging next, about the Imperial ships which will now be appearing of the redesigned covers of the Wild Space series. You can visit the BOOKS tab on my website and take a look at the new covers.

Until the next post, Happy Reading!


The Independence Gets An Upgrade

The Independence gets an upgrade and new look as Wild Space Series 1 comes to an end. Wild Space is written by Jason M. Brooks

Welcome to the Launch Week Celebration for Wild Space: Transformations. All week long, I will be blogging about exciting topics that revolve around the Wild Space series. I hope you’ll join me all week as I blog about the series and go behind the scenes to reveal exciting details that have gone into making this new book.

The first detail I’m going to discuss is probably one of the most obvious.

You might have noticed a not-so-familiar ship gracing the cover of Wild Space: Transformations. What ship is this that is exploding before your very eyes? This is the Independence of course – a new and improved Independence.

The Independence has officially received an upgrade and she makes her debut in Wild Space: Transformations. She is also going to be gracing the covers of the other five books in the first series. On release day (March 7th, 2017), all six covers will feature the redesigned co-star of the Wild Space series.

When I released Wild Space: Onslaught, I had a designer create 1 digital drawing of a ship that became my sole model for the creation of the book covers for Wild Space Series 1. However, I was never really happy with this design and I didn’t have much flexibility when posing the ship. The most I could do was turn it this way or that way or flip the image around so it appeared to be flying in a different direction.

But three weeks ago, I discovered a wonderful website: that offered free, 3D model images that I have been able to customize to my liking. Furthermore, I can edit the 3D model with Windows 3D and then put it into PhotoShop and pose it for new, dramatic angles to create exciting covers.

SolCommand also gave me the ability to add more ships on my book covers and create explosive scenes. As I will be discussing later on this week, I was able to create an Imperial Battleship which will now be seen on the covers of Onslaught, and Ghosts, and select installments of Series 2 when those books begin launching later this year.

This Independence at last matches the realities of what I describe in my book. The Independence is built to house a crew of nearly 200 – depending on the needs of the mission. It also uses three forms of propulsion.

  1. Thrusters were an original design on the ship to be used for moving into orbit around a planet or for maneuvering through space.
  2. There is the Interplanetary Jump Drive which is the main drive that helps the crew navigate between planets in travels that can last for a few weeks.
  3. Finally, there is the Deep Space Drive – which is designed to travel vast distances and cut down a 20 year journey between Earth’s United System of Planets and Wild Space. This was the engine that was destroyed in Onslaught.

The original model of the Independence never looked big enough to be able to house all of these features, but this design makes my vision come to life.

So, you might be asking yourself, “Why go through all the trouble of developing a new model to serve as the Independence, only to blow it up in Wild Space: Transformations?”

That is a really great question.

Be sure to read Transformations to discover the answer. Wild Space: Transformations, releases tomorrow, March 7th, 2017 at midnight.

I’ll be back tomorrow to continue the week long Launch Week Celebration with a blog post looking at the making of Wild Space: Transformations – without spoilers. Be sure to follow me on Facebook so you know when the post goes live.

Until then…

Now IS the Perfect Time to Start Your Journey Through Wild Space!

Wild Space is now available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Kobo. Wild Space is written by Jason M. Brooks

Wild Space launched back in May of this year and was an exclusive title for Kindle. But I’m excited to announce today, that Wild Space has now been released for all eReader formats.

That’s right, if you are a proud owner of a Nook, a Kobo, an iPad/iPhone or any style of eReader, you can now purchase this exciting series from not only for Kindle, but from Barnes and Noble for your Nook, on Kobo for your Kobo Reader, on iBooks for reading on your Apple device, or you can grab a copy from Smashwords and side load it on to any of your preferred devices.

The first five books of the first series are available for all eReaders. In January, look for Wild Space: Transformations to be released on all of the eReaders as well. In the past, when I’ve released new books, I’ve made them Kindle exclusives for 90 days before releasing them in the other stores. But due to reader feedback, I realized that it wasn’t fair to force my other readers to wait for the 90 day period to end, therefore, I will no longer be doing that. All of the books I release will be released globally on day one with no more wait times for readers.

Plus, if you haven’t started reading the series yet, now is the best time to jump on board!

Wild Space: Onslaught… FREE!

That’s right! Wild Space: Onslaught, the first book in Series 1, is FREE at all retailers! There’s no excuse for readers not to try my new series. The first book is free and if you enjoy it, there is an offer at the back of the book to get the second book free as well. You can’t lose with an offer like that. The first 2 books in the series are free and the remaining books are just 0.99 each.

But that’s not all of the Wild Space news that I have.

Book 6, Wild Space: Transformations, is close to done. I have some more editing to do, but it should be out by the end of January. Once the first series is complete, I will be going to work on formatting the entire first series into one volume and releasing it as a hardcover and trade paperback book for all of the fellow book collectors out there.

If you are like me, when you fall in love with a book, you love to put an actual book into the bookshelf for display. I’m going to compile all six books into one volume and release it for collectors to enjoy. I plan on giving away a number of signed copies to members of my Inner Circle, so be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter so you can have a shot at grabbing one of those free books. You can SIGN UP HERE!

And finally…

To celebrate the release of the Wild Space books in all the online retailers, I’m going to be hitting the proverbial road and appearing on a number of blogs and websites during the month of January. Be sure to watch my Facebook, Twitter, and Newsletter for dates and locations of my appearances.

2017 is shaping up to be a busy year for me and I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride.

Until next time!

The Journey in Wild Space Continues!

Wild Space: Reclamation is the second book in the first series of Wild Space by author Jason M. Brooks.

Tomorrow morning, book 2 in the first series of Wild Space, goes on sale. I’m excited by this second outing.

The crew of the Earth Star Ship Independence is dead in space.

After surviving an onslaught from the Imperial Star Fleet, the crew has been hard at work trying to get the Independence back online and flying through space. But around every corner, the crew finds more bad news. The Deep Space Drive engine is gone. The Interplanetary Engine is in need of critical parts. Weapon systems are offline and there’s no shielding, leaving the ship defenseless.

As the book opens, Captain Avery and Commander Reid are attempting to get to the parts storage room in a part of the ship that has a breached hull. They must use Zero G maneuvers to try and get to the room and retrieve the parts they need to get the engine fixed.

Meanwhile, the entire crew is still feeling the effects of the onslaught. Lives have been lost. The crew is mourning the loss of friends and family. Fear is running rampant. Insubordination is becoming more prevalent as the crew adjusts to new leadership and having to deal with their own mortality as their situation grows dire.

In most cases, time can heal these types of wounds.

But time is not on their side.

The Empire has dispatched a ship to bring back the remains of Independence. Time is running out to get the ship operational. In a last ditch effort, Captain Avery puts together a daring plan that could get them the parts they need and get Independence operational once more.

But at what cost?

Can Captain Avery justify anymore losses? Can he defend his boat against the merciless Empire? Can he regain the confidence of his crew before it’s too late?

All of these questions are going to be answered in Wild Space: Reclamation Book 2 in Series 1 of Wild Space.

I’m excited for you to read the next adventure of the crew of Independence. This book is going to set up some ideas that are going to be explored in the next stories to be told. If you haven’t started your journey to Wild Space, now’s the time to get on board.

Be sure to look for it tomorrow, June 14th, 2016. This eBook is only available through Amazon’s website for the Kindle reading device. It’s 99 cents or FREE for subscribers to Amazon Prime.

Wild Space – New Series Launching this Month!

Wild Space is a new series by Jason M. Brooks and launches on May 24th on

Wild Space is a brand new series I’m writing and I’m excited to announce that the first story launches this month!

I know, I know. You might be wondering where the next book in the Thrones and Prophecy Series is coming out. I’m still working on it. But I’m still a long way from completion. For me, completing something is very important and since I knew I still have a ways to go on the follow up to Twins of the Prophecy, I decided to kick something out that I’ve also been working on. It’s the Wild Space series.

This series is a different beast all together.

These are short novella’s that are meant to be a quick read. Perfect for a commute to work, while you’re sitting in a doctors waiting room, or waiting to pick up the kids from practice or school. Most readers should be able to finish these books in an hour.

I imagine Wild Space to be like a television series. I’ll be releasing six books a year in this series. I’ve already written the first three and have mapped out the next three. I’m very excited about this series. It puts my favorite aspects of Star Wars, Star Trek and Firefly and throws them in a pot and stirs them up. I have a million twists and turns planned and I know readers of science fiction are going to love them.

It begins years from now. Earth and its civilizations have begun a push into deep space. They have started colonizing planets that are within 5 years trek from Earth. As those colonies expand, explorers decide to push out further. Some explore over twenty years journey from Earth to colonize a patch of deep space near the core of our galaxy. This territory has been dubbed, Wild Space.

800 years after the last of the explorers departed for Wild Space, the planets of Earth develop a star ship with a Deep Space Drive engine that can cut the travel time from twenty years to six months. Captain John Avery is placed in charge of the Earth Star Ship Independence and is given the exciting task of taking the first exploration crew to Wild Space. Their mission is to discover what type of worlds have been settled and make contact with the decedents of Earth.

When they arrive, they learn that things are not as rosy as they thought they would be. The Independence is attacked and the ship nearly destroyed. Lives are lost and moral has been devastated. Left to die in a crumbling ship, Captain Avery must pull his crew together. Their mission of exploration is over. It is now a mission of survival as there is no way to return to Earth. Captain Avery and his crew have stumbled into hostile territory. They have stumbled into Wild Space.

The Wild Space series will only be available on Amazon for the Kindle. It will also be available in the Kindle Unlimited library for subscribers to Amazon Prime.

The first book in this series will be launching on May 24th, 2016. For subscribers to my eNewsletter, I am giving away a digital copy for FREE. Sign up between today and May 19th and you can be one of those lucky few who will get a FREE download of Wild Space: Onslaught before it releases to the world. I’ll be sending out your free download on May 20th so you can read it over the weekend!

When you finish reading the book, be sure to return to Amazon and rate the book. Let others know what you think of this exciting new series! Then get ready for the next book due in June!